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Wildlife Asia Inc.

Wildlife Asia

Who are we?

Wildlife Asia is an Australian based not for profit association run by conservation professionals raising awareness and funds to support projects throughout South East Asia, predominantly in Indonesia and Myanmar.

Our Mission
To protect Asia’s tropical forests and key landscapes which host the highest levels of biodiversity and iconic mega fauna habitat.

The primary objectives of the organisation are:

 (a)        the immediate protection of wildlife and priority landscapes in Asia, and

(b)        the support of community-driven, sustainable protection of biodiversity.

What do we do?

Wildlife Asia stands beside local NGOs and communities, supporting their vision for a sustainable future. A future that ensures the persistence of peace, cultural values and traditions, sustainable development opportunities and of course the protection of wildlife and habitat.

Immediate Protection

Throughout Asia the threats from wildlife poaching, habitat loss and unsustainable development present an immediate risk of extinction to many species. Whilst we develop long-term solutions we must ensure no further losses to wildlife populations and their habitat.

Building Local Capacity

Wildlife Asia believes that local communities are at the core of our mission. As an international NGO our role is to support the vision of local people; to empower and assist with resources to enable sustainable development in harmony with nature preservationDevelopment of alternative income opportunities

Long-term Solutions

Conservation cannot be effective without genuine consideration of socio-economic needs and all inclusive strategic planning. Whilst long term support from international partners may be required, our end goal is always redundancy as a result of permanent and effective locally managed biodiversity protection


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10A Dunford St

0438 992 325

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