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Who are we?

Wildlife Asia is a not for profit association run by conservation professionals raising awareness and funds in Australia to support projects throughout South East Asia, predominantly in Indonesia.

The primary objective of Wildlife Asia is the protection and enhancement of the natural habitat of orangutans, gibbons, Asian rhinos, bears, elephants, tigers and other Asian wildlife.

In this century, the region in which we live will become home to most of the world's middle class and will be the world's largest producer of goods and services, and the largest consumer of them. The scale and pace of Asia's rise is staggering, and there are significant opportunities and challenges for all Australians including:
  1. for Australia to continue to be a key player in making sustainable the biodiversity, habitat and wildlife that is essential for the environmental and economic health of the region, and
  2. to provide individuals and organisations with practical ways to engage with and support conservation projects in the region.

What do we do?

Wildlife Asia is dedicated to saving Asian rainforests and the wildlife that depend on them by utilising the cost effective skills and experience of its South East Asia based project partners and its Australia based member organisations.

Protection of habitat

Illegal logging and human encroachment are the main causes of loss of habitat for all wildlife. By working with governments and local communities Wildlife Asia helps to establish and enforce laws which protect specified areas of habitat and to educate communities on the importance of sustainable use of natural resources.

Rescue of animals in distress

Wildlife Asia rescues animals from the illegal wildlife trade including those caught in traps or snares and those being transported for slaughter or the exotic pet trade. Wildlife sanctuaries are available where proper food and medical attention is provided for those animals that cannot be released into the wild.

Development of alternative income opportunities

Local communities are by necessity a vital component of forest and wildlife preservation. People living near protected habitat are only able to refrain from poaching or illegal logging if there are other methods to provide for their families. Wildlife Asia establishes small enterprises to support such communities. Examples include mushroom farming, taxi service, small scale ecotourism and flower nurseries.


Wildlife Asia teaches children and their families about wildlife conservation, forestry laws and how to manage and protect the environment. This is accomplished through mobile learning centres that utilize films, interactive performances and classroom exercises including the opportunity to interact with wildlife. Wildlife Asia also provides training and school supplies to teachers and have established learning centres at wildlife sanctuaries around the region.

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