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Can you imagine living in a car during the current crisis? Or sharing just one room with your family without washing or cooking facilities? That’s what many women are doing, all the while worrying that they won’t be able to keep themselves or others safe from infection. 
With your help we can find safe accommodation for women staying in motels where families as big as five are sharing the same room. Your gift will also support women without the personal or financial resources to home-school their children. Women like Amira, whose grasp of English is very poor and whose son Farid has learning difficulties. 
Please will you send a gift today to help us keep homeless women and their children safe during COVID-19? 
There are so many ways that your donation could help. 
Your gift of $25 can fund the cost of a taxi to take a woman to an essential medical appointment. 
Your gift of $52 can fund a session of online tutoring for a child like Farid. 
Your gift of $157 can buy a package of food essentials for a family of four (including tinned goods, toiletries, and fresh veggies). 
Your gift of $514 can buy a laptop so that children can do their schoolwork and the family can access Centrelink and Telehealth. 
And your extremely generous gift of $1,000 can help a family move and establish themselves in a safe new home. 
Our doors will stay open for these women and children until the crisis is over. They will also be open for those fleeing family violence now and in the coming months - violence that has spiked as a result of COVID-19. 
On behalf of the staff here working on the front lines, and the women and children your donation will support, thank you so much.  


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