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WISHIN's Christmas gift appeal


This Christmas will be the first that Alice and her two children have spent free from violence. Can you help them settle into their new life by giving to our Christmas gift appeal?

WISHIN recently supported Alice and her children, Frances and Taylor, to find accommodation, safe from Alice’s violent ex. But when asked what her plans are for Christmas, Alice said she’s scared to ask the kids what presents they’d like. 

Alice is surviving on one income now, and after bearing the costs of relocating, she’s not got much left at all. Your help could bring joy to Frances and Taylor this Christmas.

The past few months have been stressful for everyone – they’ve moved homes, Alice has got a new job, and the kids are in new schools. She can’t quite face having to disappoint them when they ask for things she can’t afford. They’ve all been through so much already.

Could you help families like Alice’s by donating to our Christmas gift appeal?

Frances and Taylor are like many kids, they’re interested in dolls and cricket bats (Frances), Xbox games and Harry Potter books (Taylor). A gift of $25 or $50 to help us buy these gifts would ease Alice’s burden considerably.

There are also a number of families like Alice’s who would love the opportunity to spend more time together these holidays.

A zoo pass ($100) or an annual family pass to the aquarium ($237) would mean they could go somewhere together as often as they liked without worrying about the cost. And a particularly generous gift of $500 could buy bikes for the whole family, enabling them to get out and about this summer.

Thank you so much for offering your kindness and compassion to families like Alice’s this Christmas.

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