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Give the Gift of Reading


Children who begin school with fewer reading and literacy skills will start behind and stay behind. 

Poor literacy has a life-long impact leading to poorer education, health and employment outcomes. Literacy and a life-long love of reading starts at home. 

But not all homes have books. Whitehorse Manningham Libraries is giving a special gift of books this Christmas to children from families in our community who are experiencing disadvantage.

Help us ensure no child is left behind.

By donating $15 you will give a child a book this Christmas

By donating $45 you will give three books to a child this Christmas

By donating $90 you will give enough books for a family, puppet, book bag and early literacy information pack

You can support Whitehorse Manningham Libraries to Give the Gift of Reading this Christmas by donating to our appeal. 

Whitehorse Manningham Libraries continues to operate as one of the most actively used public library services in Victoria. Our services are available to the whole community through eight physical locations, Outreach, Home Library Services and the library website.

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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.