SOS Health Foundation

Work 4 Significance Day

The SOS Health Foundation is a not-for-profit public benevolent institution committed to improving the health of disadvantaged Australians in urban and remote communities.

Physiotherapy and allied health has an integral role in a wide variety of areas such as child health, women's health, injury prevention, rehabilitation after injury, and in aged care.

EVERY Australian should have access to physiotherapy and related health services when needed, but sadly many people don't.

On work4signficance® Day we encourage you to be significant by "Donating from your success for long lasting Significance".

How will the funds be used?

Your contribution allows SOS Health Foundation to mobilise physiotherapists and related health professionals, to use our collective skills and talents to provide medical support, physiotherapy intervention and related health services and education, and health promotion to significantly and sustainably improve the health and wellbeing of those in need.

Key areas of expenditure

We guarantee that 100% of funds raised in the campaign will be used to fund two Pro Bono Physiotherapy programs for those disadvantaged by homelessness, poverty and/or remoteness:
  • Pro Bono Physiotherapy clinic - Urban Program
  • SOS Health Foundation, Physiotherapy - Remote Indigenous Program

Contact Details

PO Box 1220

Are donations tax deductible?


Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.

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