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Yoga Tools For Schools Inc.

Support of Health & Wellbeing in Education through Yoga Too

We live in a culture where our lives - and our children's lives - are becoming more fragmented and stressful and this is why yoga is very quickly becoming a part of more school routines every day around the world.

Few exercise modalities offer such scope for enhancing whole health as does yoga. Yoga exquisitely blends techniques which promote muscle tone, flexibility, correct breathing, mental clarity, stress relief and inner peace. An essential aim of yoga is to harmonise the body and mind through breath and movement.

Yoga-based exercises and activities enable individuals to develop and enhance self awareness, self care and self management. These elements are essential in the development of personal and social capability in learning.

Yoga Tools For Schools Inc (YTFS) was founded by a group of yoga teachers, schools teachers and parents who are passionate about
  • Empowering young people to make healthy, positive choices and decisions
  • Alleviating the stress that children and youth live with today
  • Supporting teachers and carers with wellbeing tools for themselves and those they care for
  • Providing a positive alternative to current youth issues and crime.
Yoga Tools are fun ways to immediately feel more focused, energised or relaxed and require just 2 to 8 minutes of class time with no extra space or equipment needed. They allow educators to model and share life skills which create a positive classroom climate.

Yoga in the classroom has the ability to turn chaos into calm, frustration to ease, tired to energised and distracted to integrated.

Help YTFS create nourishing and supportive learning environments with lifelong benefits to schools, families and the community.

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