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Your Own 2 Hands

Education for children in Laos

Your Own 2 Hands objective is to increase access to improved education opportunities in Laos. We currently reconstruct village schools in Laos providing a simple, basic, yet improved physical condition for learning. These are government regulated classrooms and are constructed with local Laos contractors.

For most projects we also build a toilet block with washing facilities. We ask villages to sign a hygiene agreement, where they teach children basic hygiene to minimise disease and sickness.

Why help?

Some village schools are often little more than makeshift bamboo shelters with mud floors and in some cases the classrooms don't exist at all. Children, as young as 4, can have to walk several kilometers each day through the rain, mud or blazing sun just to attend school. Desks are often overcrowded and educational material is minimal.

Your donation will help us build village schools, provide books, chalkboards, desks and basic hygiene to these children.

Key areas of fund expenditure:

  • $10 donation will provide a child with books and uniform
  • $20 donation will provide classroom chalkboard
  • $50 donation will provide new desk and chairs for 5 children
  • Funds will also be pooled to help construct classrooms and toilet blocks in villages

Is this appeal tax deductable? No, not yet. (Government requires you to be an active charity for over 5 years, we are not far away from this status.)

Will you receive a receipt for your donation? Yes, automatically sent to your email

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Are donations tax deductible?


Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.