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The Mineral Policy Institute [MPI] has been working on extractive issues since 1995. Formed by activists who were dismayed that Australian mining companies were behaving so poorly overseas - in a manner that would be unacceptable and illegal in Australia. Since then mining companies and the extractive industry has grown enormously.

A key driver of ongoing problems is the comparative silence of affected communities and environments compared to the typically joint position of industry and government, or at least its political leadership. We refer to this as asymmetries of power, information, influence and resources - a stacked deck that ensure that local outcomes are ignored, or greenwashed.

We achieve our objectives through undertaking targeted research, making information available to communities, decision-makers, media etc.... We support communities seeking answers and control over the own future and environment.

While we try to help out wherever we can, MPI has two main projects.
(1) Papua New Guinea, where we have been working since our inception. Our current focus is in the Morobe Province, where Australian mining company Newcrest operated (since sold for $1) the Hidden Valley mine and intends to build the bigger, Wafi-Golpu mine. MPI has been working with Watut River communities since 2012. For more information see the website

(2) Mining Legacies, a major focus since 2011. Rather than work on proposed mines, we have been documenting the outcomes from existing mines. This is because we want old mines fixed and new mines assessed by real outcomes, rather than the optimistic forecasts of politicians and company PR. For example, did you know that 75% of Australian mines close prematurely or in an unplanned manner? See our dedicated website and publications

Who, Where and Why MPI
MPI is an Australian based, international civil society organisation with a volunteer board representing members from across the world. We focus on assisting communities affected by specific mining projects and on achieving industry reform through improvements to policy, law and practice.

The value that MPI contributes as an industry-specific NGO is that we can work on issues across sites and countries and engage over the long-term. While MPI works with and supports individual communities, we also focus on national and industry-wide change here in Australia and overseas.

While mining disproportionately impacts the developing world, the decisions that govern these projects are made and need to be influenced in the developed world. With a strong emphasis on informed consent, MPI undertakes a supportive and background role to assist mining-affected communities to protect their rights and reduce negative impacts from mining. MPI has the expertise, the experience and the networks to assist communities and to access the many mining companies based in Australia [also the US, UK, South Africa and Canada] and their investors from around world.

MPI is guided by a vision of a just and sustainable mineral cycle where human rights are protected, impacts dramatically reduced, and mineral/fuel efficiency and reuse is paramount. While we believe that minerals/fuel are central to the quality of human life today, the benefits of the current minerals systems are greatly skewed to a relatively small global elite. MPI plays a key role in addressing this paradox... to increase the equitable distribution of the benefits while decreasing the social injustices and environmental impacts of the mineral/fuel system.

As an industry watchdog, we rely on community funding to ensure our independence from industry. Seeking to improve and influence an industry that plans in decades, we require funding to progress and achieve long-term strategic goals and to assist communities who are impacted by mining today, tomorrow and in the future.

Donated funds will enable MPI's ongoing support of communities defending their environments, their livelihoods and rights across the globe. Your donation will enable activities including; independent research, education and the support of mining-affected communities to ensure changes in policy, law, projects and practices in the mining and minerals industry.

MPI has built up extensive expertise in the extractive industries sector, and occupy a unique role in international campaigns, where we are relied upon by national, regional and international NGOs for information and policy advice. MPI has extensive networks in Australia, Asia, the Pacific and internationally. MPI is a member of Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network (AFTINET), Friends of the Earth International, Backtrack, ECA-Watch and the Asia-Pacific Research Network.

Donations to MPI of more than $2.00 are tax-deductible. MPI is an Income Tax Exempt Charity and is exempt from Income Tax under section 50-5 of the Income Assessment Tax Act 1997. MPI is authorised to fundraise for charitable purposes under the Charitable Fundraising Act, 1991). MPI is entered on the Register of Environmental Organisations and is eligible to receive tax-deductible donations under Item 6.1. of Table 6 in Sub-section 78(4) of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936.

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