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Walk with Woor-Dungin: The 150 x 1000 Fundraising Campaign

Walk with Woor-Dungin: The 150 x 1000 Fundraising Campaign aims to fund the core costs associated with running Woor-Dungin's Aboriginal Partnership Program. As such it directly supports the Aboriginal community-controlled organisations we partner with and will fund our next intake of partners.

Walk with Woor-Dungin is seeking 150 individuals and organisations sharing Woor-Dungin’s principles of self-determination and reconciliation who will commit to contributing $1000 per year, or multiples of $1000, for three years.

You can contribute half-yearly amounts of $500 or quarterly amounts of $250 if you prefer.

Our target is to raise $150,000 each year for three years.

This will provide Woor-Dungin with funds to cover the core operational costs involved in running our organisation and the Aboriginal Partnership Program. The funds will enable us to continue to respond to the priority needs of current Aboriginal partner organisations while planning for the intake of a new cohort of partner organisations later in 2018.

The Aboriginal Partnership Program is Woor-Dungin's core program and the very foundation of our organisation. Its objectives are to:

  • Work in partnership with Aboriginal community-controlled organisations to support them in fulfilling their purpose;
  • Increase the level of philanthropic funding flowing to Aboriginal organisations to enable them to better meet community needs;
  • Foster respectful relationships between the philanthropic sector and Aboriginal organisations; and
  • Promote and facilitate partnerships with others who can help Woor-Dungin and our partner Aboriginal organisations to achieve identified goals.

We develop genuine relationships, based on reconciliation, reciprocity and trust, with a small number of Aboriginal community-controlled organisations over three-year periods. Partner organisations graduate from the program to become alumni, who in turn support new partner organisations.

Current partners and alumni are:

  • Healesville Indigenous Community Services Association
  • ILBIJERRI Theatre Company
  • Mallee District Aboriginal Services
  • Njernda Aboriginal Corporation
  • Willum Warrain Aboriginal Association
  • Winda-Mara Aboriginal Corporation

The Aboriginal Partnership Program is responsive, flexible and open. When new partners join the program we collaborate with them to produce a workplan based on their community’s current needs and undertake activities towards meeting those needs. But if new priorities emerge - and they do - we adapt and work towards tackling those too.

In this way, everything we do is informed by our partners’ needs.

Stated priorities for partners inducted in the previous intake of 2014 have included income generation, employment, and maintaining culture.

In response, since 2014 we have run Income Generation and Resources Group (IGRG) workshops three or four times a year, providing an opportunity for our partner organisations to establish or consolidate relationships with philanthropic grantmakers and pro bono service providers.

The workshops have led to positive funding outcomes. Willum Warrain, for instance, applied for and received funding from CAGES Foundation for their Welcome Baby to Country initiative and for their bush playgroup following CAGES EO Rachel Kerry’s presentation at the IGRG workshop of April 2017.

Following our partners’ requests we established the Criminal Record Discrimination Project (CRDP) in 2015 to advocate for legislative reform to enhance employment opportunities for our partners’ community members. The CRDP’s submission to the 49th Aboriginal Justice Forum in December 2017 was supported unanimously by delegates and is now with the Victorian state government.

The Respectful Relationships program promotes self-determination by fostering long-term, trust-based respectful relationships between philanthropic grantmakers and Aboriginal organisations and communities. We and our partners believe that time spent developing and maintaining genuine relationships is essential to achieving successful outcomes.

And of course we will respond to whatever priorities our future partners may have.

Help us to keep doing the work our Aboriginal partners want us to do.

Help support Aboriginal self-determination and reconciliation.

Walk with Woor-Dungin.

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