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ABTA: Australasian Birth Trauma Association

Australasian Birth Trauma Association - ABTA

The delivery of a baby can be a positive experience for some families, but for others, it can be very negative, resulting in physical and/or psychological injuries (trauma).

- Birth trauma impacts 1 in 3 Australian women 

- 1 in 20 mothers show signs of postpartum PTSD 12 weeks after giving birth 

- 1 in 4 first-time mothers will sustain life-altering physical injuries during childbirth 

- Birthing people, fathers, partners and health professionals can experience birth-related trauma

The ABTA is the only charity in Australia dedicated to supporting women, birthing people and their partners that have experienced birth-related trauma. The ABTA sees first-hand stories from the community and increasing evidence of the far-reaching and devastating impact that birth-related trauma, including psychological and physical injuries, has on birthing parents. This includes impacts on the ability to care for children, relationships, their place in the community, and their ability to return to the workforce.

The ABTA is a small organisation that comprises a network of 40 volunteers.  Our work is underpinned by the expertise of our clinical advisory group and our consumer networks, as those with a lived experience of birth-related trauma shape all of our work.  We are dedicated to supporting families nationwide who have been impacted by birth-related trauma.  We know our purpose can only be achieved by working collaboratively with a range of people and professions domestically and internationally, each group with important strengths and contributions which assists us with the development and execution of information and resources to better prevent, diagnose and treat those impacted by birth-related trauma. 

Our goals

Awareness: We raise community awareness of birth-related trauma.
Understanding: We enhance community understanding about birth-related trauma and health care for the benefit of individuals, families and health care professionals.
Support: We provide trusted peer-led support services for people affected by birth-related trauma.

How will your funds be used?

The ABTA is a not-for-profit organisation that works with affected women, birthing people, partners and their families, health professionals, and key stakeholder groups to reduce the debilitating impact of birth-related trauma.

Your support will enable us to continue providing free support to families and advocate for better outcomes for future families. 

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We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land, sea and waterways upon which we live and work. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging, and recognise their strong and continuing connection to land, culture and spirit.

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