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AIS Support Group Australia

AIS Support Group Australia - Intersex Support and Advocacy

$1,074 raised of $15,000 goal
$1,074 raised of $15,000 goal

The AIS Support Group Australia Inc. is a peer support, information and advocacy group for people with AIS, other intersex variations, and their families. (Note that intersex also refers to variations in sex characteristics). Established in 1985, and legally incorporated in 2001, the AISSGA remains an autonomous intersex run organisation, providing peer-support, information and advocacy for intersex people and their families.


Core aims of AISSGA include:

Connecting intersex people and families to share knowledge and experience;

Reducing stigma associated with intersex through education;

Encouraging developments of appropriate medical pathways offered to intersex people;

Encouraging provision of appropriate psychological support for intersex people;

Encouraging meaningful research into intersex and providing community consultation;

Advocating on behalf of intersex people to ensure their human rights are protected; and

To foster wellbeing and pride in the intersex community.


Although we recieve no core funding, the AISSGA provides the following services:

Peer support via phone, email, online and in person;

Support meeting: group and one-on-one;

Information for parents and families of children with varaitions in sex characteristics;

In-hospital patient advocacy;

Liaison with medical professionals;

Referral to allied specialists and health care providers;

Education of health and LGBTI service providers;

Respond to media requests;

Participation in affirmative research;

Conduct policy review; and

Consultation with government/NGOs.

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PO Box 51, Altona, VIC 3018

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