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Help improve the lives of those with Hereditary Angioedema (HAE) - a rare and life-threatening disease causing random swelling of the airway/face (possible asphyxiation), intestines (intense pain, vomiting), limbs and torso.

Patients never really know when they may have an HAE attack which makes it difficult to plan and live everyday life.  When they are sick, they may be unexpectedly hospitalised because of a life-threatening attack, bed ridden for days on end, or “simply” have a swollen hand which prevents them from doing their day to day activities.  Schooling, further education or employment can be affected from being away sick so often which can jeopardise a patient’s ability to provide a source of income for themselves & their family.

As HAE is rare, patients are often faced with Health Care Professionals that haven’t heard of the disease or know how it is to be treated.  This increases the stress and anxiety of patients and their families - what happens if their next attack is a life-threatening one and the doctor doesn’t know what to do?

Your support can help HAE Australasia:

- educate the medical and general community about HAE to ensure patients are diagnosed quicker.  Previously, patients went through decades of suffering before meeting a doctor who had heard of HAE and was able to diagnose it.

- empower patients and their families by providing them with HAE education & resources

- connect patients and carers with our support network – they need to know that they are not alone.

- provide access to tailored mental health support services so patients & carers can learn ways of adapting & coping with life with HAE.  Patients are 2.5 times higher on a depression scale than the general population, with over 40% reaching scores indicative of clinical depression.  Our support services can help improve this critical situation. 

Any donation to HAE Australasia is greatly appreciated - every dollar makes a difference to those living with HAE.

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