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JUTE is a leading Queensland theatre company committed to ensuring that the diversity of our communities is strongly represented on stage; that all stories are brought to life and regional voices are heard; that a culture of activated, civil society is fostered, grown and maintained; that the Bulmba-ja Arts Centre is activated with a diversity of programs; that regional capacity building transforms economic social and well-being outcomes; and that regional communities feel empowered.

Your donation will go towards employing regional artists, supporting diverse storytellers to develop their new works towards production, supporting the all-Indigenous Dare to Dream program to develop and produce new Indigenous stories for the tour and residency program to remote communities and to delivering a range of skills and capacity building programs across the regions.  

All of JUTE's programs have positive social impacts for our community.  

If you wish to talk about further supporting any or all of these projects via donations or any other way, please contact our Business Development Manager, Gaby Thomasz for a conversation: / ph 07 4281 6832

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Bulmba-ja Arts Centre, 96 Abbott Street


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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.