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Riley came into our care after years of significant neglect and abuse, his father had abandoned him before birth and his mother was suffering from drug and alcohol dependency to the point where she was no longer feeding herself or her child.  Despite being only five years old, Riley had significant difficulty speaking and was exhibiting signs of dyslexia. Riley had no idea who he was or what it meant to be Aboriginal.

Riley is just one of 6,500 Aboriginal children living in foster homes in NSW.

Who is KARI and what do we do?

KARI is one of the largest Aboriginal Foster Care service provider in Australia. KARI works tirelessly to find loving, accepting and respectful homes for children like Riley. KARI is innovative in the way it develops and implements quality programs and services to the Aboriginal community. KARI mainly focuses on outcomes directly involved with education, prevention and intervention, employment and cultural strengthening.

Despite making up just four per cent of the entire population, Aboriginal children represent a third of all children in foster care. The equality gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australia has never been so prevalent and if we are to prevent this number escalating we need to act now.

It can take a long time to repair the damage that neglected children have endured. But we are committed to helping Aboriginal children past these problems and providing them with the love and care they need to grow up into proud, healthy Aboriginals.

How can you help?

The good news is YOU can make a difference. Even the smallest of gifts will help to improve the life of an Aboriginal child. From just $5 receipts go towards:

  • Providing Aboriginal children in care with a loving, caring family to help them grow up in
  • Providing Aboriginal children in care with access to the medical services they need
  • Researching the family and cultural background of every child to provide them with a sense of understanding and belonging
  • Early intervention programs to prevent families from falling into the system

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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.