NAISDA Dance College

NAISDA Dance College

What does NAISDA Dance College do?

Australia's leading National Dance College for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders has been helping to Close the Gap for more than 30 years.  Across Australia, you will find thousands of people whose lives have been changed by studying at NAISDA Dance College and who continue to enrich our country's cultural and artistic life as educators, choreographers, dancers and performers.

NAISDA is a nationally accredited Registered Training Organisation offering 4 levels of study leading to a Diploma of Professional Dance Performance.  In 2013, we have 45 Developing Artists (DAs) studying at NAISDA aged between 16 and 27.  NAISDA's Developing Artists come to our campus on the Central Coast of NSW from all over Australia and study full time for up to four years, each of them receiving more than one thousand hours of highly qualified training each year.  Most of the DAs reside on campus or with local families in NAISDA'S Homestay Program, returning home to their families once or twice a year.

Our curriculum has a contemporary dance focus but is grounded and informed by strong cultural learning and practice.  Each year our DAs have the opportunity to travel to remote communities to dance on country and learn from Elders and cultural tutors.  Since our inception in 1976, NAISDA has been invited into more than a dozen Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in regions such as the Kimberley, North East Arnhem Land, Mornington Island and the islands of the Torres Strait. We also bring cultural tutors from these communities to our college to teach Developing Artists traditional ways of dance and culture.

NAISDA needs your help

We work energetically to provide the best teachers, the best training and the best futures for our Developing Artists within the limited resources provided by existing Government funding.  Every year, we audition many more applicants than we have the resources to accept.  We need your help to be able to provide the NAISDA experience to more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people.  Our objective is to increase our student base to 100 Developing Artists by 2016. Your generosity can help us to continue to Close the Gap.

Go to for more information on other ways to get involved in NAISDA through such initiatives as our Homestay Program.

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