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Team Golden Oldies

Team Golden Oldies


Right now, Team Golden Oldies has 8 senior dogs in our care.  Of these, one was forcibly confiscated from an illegal puppy farm, two have severe physical disabilities and three were peacefully surrendered as an absolute necessity and emergency. All were undeniably facing significant ongoing trauma or life-ending events.

We believe that when you give love to a senior dog, you get much more than you give. What we give (with priority for the senior dogs in our care) includes, but is certainly not limited to, providing veterinary care, bedding, comfort and meals. What we get when we improve the health and happiness of a senior dog is exactly that in return for ourselves, our families and the whole community.

They now spend their days in a safe, secure happy and health home where their final years, months and minutes are filled with nothing but love.


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