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Donate to this Winter to WIRE’s Everywoman Appeal, 2017.

“This is a thank you to acknowledge the significant impact WIRE has had on the course of my life and that of my children. WIRE, in one phone call, you changed everything. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” – Susana* (not her real name)

Donate to WIRE’s Everywoman Appeal now so that more women like Susana get the support they need. Our target is to raise $15,000, so please help us to reach our goal.

Every weekday women call, visit, email or chat online to one of WIRE’s dedicated staff or volunteers, looking for support for a broad range of issues. Every woman who reaches out to WIRE receives the same powerful message; WIRE believes you. WIRE hears you. WIRE knows that you are the expert in your own life and respects you.

As a not-for-profit service, WIRE works with the State’s most vulnerable women, many of whom have experienced family violence, social isolation, economic insecurity and homelessness. 

How your donation will help:

By funding vital training for support staff, providing lunches and activities that reduce isolation and improve mental health for homeless women and providing computer training for women wanting to equip themselves to gain meaningful employment, your generous donation will change lives:

  • $1000 covers half the cost of the 9-week training course for 1 volunteer support worker
  • $500 provides 1 week of phone and internet for our Women’s Support Room
  • $100 buys ten meals for women attending the AMICA Club homeless and isolated women’s lunch program
  • $75 pays for a box of WIRE business cards, a discreet and vital promotional tool
  • $50 provides a week’s worth of free coffee and tea for the Women’s Information Centre

Please support the 13000+ women annually who seek WIRE’s help. Send your gift as soon as you can and help us support women to gather strength, become informed and make decisions towards a safer happier life.

WIRE.  Here for women since 1984


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