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WIRE Women’s Information

A donation to WIRE Women's Information is a donation for social justice, respect & equality for women. Your donation will enable women to have the tools they need to make informed decisions that will shape their lives and the lives of their children.

WIRE Women's Information has over 12,000 contacts with Victorian women each year and the number continues to rise.

WIRE Women's Information is the only state-wide free, confidential information and referral service for women in Victoria. Operating for 29 years it is one of the oldest and most established services for women in Victoria.

WIRE Women's Information is a not-for-profit service and works with the most vulnerable women in the state. Many of these women have experienced family violence, social isolation, economic insecurity and homelessness.

Your donation today will help Victorian women change their life for a better tomorrow. All donations above $2.00 are tax deductible 

WIRE Women's Information provides several vital services to Victorian women including:

  • A confidential phone support line for women
  • Women's Information Centre
  • Free computer and internet access for women
  • Free computer classes for women returning to work and those that wish to use the internet as a social tool.
  • Job search and job club to assist women find employment
  • Workshops and seminars for women on topics such as money management, financial abuse and family violence and .
  • Accredited professional training

WIRE’s Impact

Sally’s story

Sally* knew that it was wrong that her partner defrauded her of her life savings and left her penniless.  She didn’t know what she could do about it or if she had the strength to take the matter further. After calling WIRE’s phone line she found out that what her ex- partner did was not only wrong but illegal and there was a lot she could do about it.  Sally’s ex-partner is now in jail for not only what he did to Sally but to the other women who came forward after Sally courageous example.

Anne’s Story

Anne* lost her home when she and her son fled from her violent ex-partner. She rented a flat with her small income from part-time work, but was evicted when  the rent increased. When she couldn’t find an affordable place to rent, she soon lost her part-time work. She and her son were living in their car parked near her son’s school. With no money, job or home, and a dependent child she didn’t think she had anywhere to turn.  In desperation she called WIRE.  At WIRE Anne spoke to a phone support worker who listened and seemed to understand. Anne realised that as dire as her situation was she wasn’t alone and she did have options and support. Most of all she Anne was given hope.  

Donate today and your donation will help WIRE provide the information and support women like Sally and Anne need to turn their life around. Yes I would like to donate clink link

All donations above $2.00 are tax deductible (minimum donation on GiveNow is $5).

*Anne and Sally are fictitious names used to protect the privacy of WIRE service users.

Monthly donor.

One of the best ways to support WIRE is to become a monthly donor. You can become a monthly donor for as little as $10 a month that less than a coffee a week!  It takes 2 minutes and it is an easy and convenient way to manage your donation.  Monthly donations are tax deductible and you can cease your monthly donations at any time.

WIRE.  Here for women since 1984

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