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Donate now to our #WIREthere4u Fundraising Appeal this holiday season, 2017.

This year, we are aiming high and our fundraising target is $20,000. With your support, we think we can reach it.  

WIRE is here for all Victorian women, no matter their socio-economic status, cultural background or their gender identity. WIRE is here for women, no matter what their individual need is. 

"The phone call to WIRE was the most influential phone call of my life. They just listened to me and believed me straight away and pointed me in the right direction. It’s completely changed my life" - WIRE service user

As a not-for-profit service, WIRE works with the State’s most vulnerable women, many of whom have experienced family violence, social isolation, economic insecurity and homelessness. 

How your donation will help:

Through our Telephone Support Line, Women’s Information Centre and the AMICA Club, we listen to and support women every day.  Please support the thousands of women who need WIRE’s help.

"Talking to WIRE made things clearer. Now I know where I’m at"  - WIRE service user

Your generous donation will also help us continue to research, educate and advocate around the effects of financial abuse and its significant impacts in the family violence picture.

Send your gift by December 20 and help us to support women to gather strength, become informed and make decisions towards a happier, safer life.

WIRE.  Here for women since 1984


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372 Spencer Street

(03) 9348 9416
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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.