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Women's Legal Resources Ltd

Women´s Legal Service NSW is a non-profit organisation that is funded by the state and federal governments to provide free community legal services for women in NSW. Our Foundation is an independent organisation, set up to support and promote innovative projects that fall outside of traditional government funding criteria. 

The Foundation also campaigns for the reform of unjust laws, policy and legal processes that affect the rights and limit the lives of women, particularly those most disadvantaged in their access to justice. A key vision of the Foundation is the pursuit of a fair and just legal system for all women in NSW.

Some achievements of the last 12 months include:

- 1,768 legal advices to women (via phone or face-to-face) in areas such as family law, child protection, domestic violence and sexual harassment.

- 115 community legal education projects, reaching over 2,463 people across NSW on topics such as discrimination, child care and protection and health justice.

- Published a GP's toolkit "When She Talks to You About the Violence" launched collaboratively with the Australian Medical Association.

- Broadcast free monthly webinars through the 'Ask Lois' project to support community workers on the frontlines assiting victims of violence.

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