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Women´s Legal Service NSW is a non-profit organisation that is funded by the state and federal governments to provide free community legal services for women in NSW. Our Foundation is an independent organisation, set up to support and promote innovative projects and to campaign for reform of unjust laws, policy and legal processes that affect the rights and limit the lives of women, particularly those most disadvantaged in their access to justice.

The vision of the Foundation is the pursuit of a fair and just legal system for all women in NSW.

No doubt you have heard the news and read the headlines:

  • There is lots of interest in domestic violence issues.
  • There are lots of financial resources being dedicated to services for victims of domestic and family violence.
  • There were reductions in funding to community legal centres but that has been reversed.
  • There is even more money being put into community legal centres to address domestic violence!

So we should be celebrating, right?

Here are the facts:

Women’s Legal Service NSW is the only state wide specialist domestic violence legal service for women and it has been for over 30 years.

We have received none of the additional funding for domestic violence services.

The announced reversal of funding cuts is not simply money restored. It's a new round of applications for three new requirements for which we have to bid against other community legal centres.

We have no certainty about our financial future.  This impacts on our staff and clients. Already we are losing staff and cutting services. 

We really need your help to get us through this time of great uncertainty. 

We hope eventually to get a solid base and we believe that we will survive. But we need your help.

Your donation now will ease our financial pressure and more importantly demonstrate to future potential funders that we are well supported in our community.

All donations to WLSNSW are fully tax deductible and receipted. Act now before the end of the financial year on 30 June.

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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.