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Australian Anti Ice Campaign



Thank you so much for making the decision to support AAIC with a Tax Deductible Donation towards the campaign to Put the Freeze on Ice in our nation.

Our first priority is to deliver our powerful "Not Even Once" Education Workshop to all Australian high school students. 

You can CLICK HERE to view testimonials from teachers and students who have participated in AAIC's School Education Workshop Program as well as coverage of the program by A Current Affair, The Today Show and other national news stories.

We are seeking support from both individuals and businesses to fund the delivery of the program to Australian high school students, with the ultimate objective of expanding to educate all high schools across the nation.

Every $10 donated to the AAIC allows us to deliver this program to one more Australian High School Student. Every donation also provides critical funding to help AAIC provide ongoing support services.

Student will be given the knowledge and the tools to be able to say "No - Not Even Once" when they are almost inevitably offered this insidiously destructive and highly addictive drug Ice.

Thanks again. Together, in unity, we can make a difference.


Help Australian Anti Ice Campaign to reach their goal of $20,000

$21,231 raised

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Are donations tax deductible?


Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.