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Australian Action on Pre-eclampsia

Pre-eclampsia Community Awareness Appeal

The Australian Action on Pre-eclampsia is seeking funds to educate Australian women about the dangers, signs and symptoms of Pre-eclampsia. We aim to make them aware of the importance of attending regular antenatal doctor appointments during pregnancy to aid in prompt diagnosis of this potentially life threatening pregnancy condition.

What is pre-eclampsia?

Pre-eclampsia is the most serious medical condition of human pregnancy, affecting some 10% of pregnancies. Worldwide it is one of the major causes of maternal death among otherwise healthy pregnant women and their babies, yet it is a disease little known in the community. Pre-eclampsia kills some 200 Australian babies every year.

Pre-eclampsia is a particularly sinister disease because in its early stages it is symptomless and is detectable only be checks on the mothers blood pressure and urine It is potentially life threatening to both mother and baby if allowed to develop and progress undetected. Early detection is crucial in the prevention of perinatal and even maternal death, therefore an important reason for regularly attending a doctor for medical check-ups during pregnancy.
To reduce the risk to both mothers and their babies, mothers must be aware of Pre-eclampsia and its dangers as a medical condition. It is vital that all pregnant women be well versed in its signs and symptoms so they recognise when to seek medical attention.

How will the funds be used?

  • To contribute to the cost of developing, printing and distributing materials that inform and educate the wider community about Pre-eclampsia.
  • Information for sufferers of Pre-eclampsia, including medical information sheets and books.
  • Newsletters for members of the association.
  • Maintaining an internet site.
  • To further develop our support groups for affected families via telephone support, internet and meetings.

Key Areas of Expenditure

Public Awareness
Pre-eclampsia Information
Support Services

Contact Details

P.O Box 2144

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Yes, when Australian Action on Pre-eclampsia is able

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