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Australian Christian Multimedia

Partners in Prayer and Evangelism

$46,520 raised so far

$46,520 raised so far

This is what we do:

We encourage, equip and connect prayer leaders - through dissemination of ideas, news, resources, relational gatherings, retreats, events and national tours. We enable partnership between spiritual watchmen with other leaders - to share what God is doing and to encourage collaborative responses.

We support Indigenous people groups and leaders to advance the wellbeing, identity and connection of first peoples - recognising their contribution is essential to the mainstream culture.

We initiate seasons, relays and models of prayer & worship that enable people, local churches, groups and organisations to collaborate- toward them hosting a continuous canopy of 24/7 prayer & worship before God and over their regions; and missional and evangelistic servanthood to their communities.

We encourage, equip and enable people, groups by producing, marketing and distributing - via television, radio, print and digital media - Christian prayer & evangelism resources, including stories of how Jesus has positively transformed people's lives.


This is how we do it:

  • Produce multiple rich current information, news, stories, referral & event information and resources on multiple websites. (e.g. PIPES, PFM, PFA, PFN, 40 Days)
  • Create and host online platforms, tools and resources to enable prayer leaders to connect in their regions. (e.g. Melbourne Local City Prayer Plan, PFM map & calendar, PFA map and calendar etc)
  • Distribute news, stories, referral & event information via monthly emails  to PIPES, PFM, PFA
  • Host, facilitate and promote retreats, events & national tours that  on collaborative prayer & evangelism.
  • Produce and host an annual national call to 40 Days of Prayer - including a Daily Devotional and national relay of 40 Days continuous 24/7 prayer & worship.

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