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Anxiety Disorders Association of Victoria

Anxiety Disorders Association of Victoria GENERAL APPEAL

Anxiety disorders are widely experienced and can lead to problems for individuals, their families, and the wider community.  ADAVIC aims to provide information and support for those who are impacted by anxiety by through easily available information, helpful resources, education sessions, peer support services like support groups, and referrals to health professionals and other agencies. We provide these services to the community for free or at low cost so these are more accessible to the general community and for those who need it the most. ADAVIC is a small self-funded organisation. We are collecting funds so we can continue to provide these important and relevant services to the community.

How will the funds be used?

Our organisation provides the following services:-

  • Online support and information via Facebook and Email.
  • Support group meetings.
  • A variety of information sesssions, workshops and programs conducted by various health professionals.
  • Referral service to therapists specialising in anxiety disorders.
  • Information and support for Family and Friends.
  • Website providing information and resources

These funds will be used to continue to provide and improve these key services so they are accessible to everyone in the community!

Key Areas of Expenditure

Contine to provide FREE online support and information
Continue to provide support groups at a minimum cost
Continue to provide information sessions and workshops at low cost

Contact Details

PO BOX 625
KEW VIC, 3101

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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.

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