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$1,241 raised so far

$1,241 raised so far

A Donation to AIIA NSW goes a long way in informing the Public about Australia's Role in the World.

The New South Wales branch of the Australian Institute of International Affairs is one of the State's pre-eminent think tanks on Australia's international relations and has recently been voted 'The top think tank in South East Asia and the Pacific in the annual Global Go To Think Tanks Index'.

Since 1924, it has encouraged informed debate on our overseas relations. It regularly attracts prominent speakers - professional diplomats, academics and journalists - to engage in discussion and debate on a wide range of subjects including Australia's relations with its neighbours, the wider international community, and with multinational bodies such as the United Nations, the Asian Regional Forum and non-governmental agencies dealing with humanitarian and environmental issues. Its brief also covers questions of Australia's security and defence. It also runs a program of internships for people aspiring to join either universities or the public service as international relations professionals.

The Institute's perspective is unique. It has no political views of its own, but exists solely to encourage discussion and debate on the most important foreign policy issues of the day. Its aim is to spread knowledge and enlightenment about Australia's place in the world.

With your support, the Australian Institute of International Affairs New South Wales can continue to provide the services it so successfully does. One of the pressing things we are hoping to do in the next few months is upgrade our sound and recording system. We are already putting an edited video up on the website and we hope that with better equipment, we can improve on this and also sometimes present a separate short interview with the speaker.

Please support us with your donation.


Richard Broinowski

President - AIIA NSW

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