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A is for Atlas

Western districts pilot - grounding rural practice


We all know COVID-19 changed the game. In finding a pivot that remains committed to delivering deep hyper-local creative practice wherever we are in the world, we have taken the opportunity to set up a base in rural Victoria, where our concerns of sustainability, resilience, community connection and food naturally coalesce. 

We are currently raising funds for a pilot program of artist residencies, performance events and community workshops in the new year. Please help us to ground our practice in Victoria's western district.

Your donation will be matched dollar for dollar by Creative Partnerships Australia.

A is for Atlas is an independent performing arts company creating socially connective, interdisciplinary contemporary performance works. Our work traverses multi-form practice collaborations, community development practice, collaborative cross-cultural practice and collaborations between arts and non-arts disciplines. Our artists travel the globe and the corners of creative practice to deliver new experiments in performance making. 

Our signature Dining Room Tales is a ‘global-local’ social art practice centred on food, diversity, and the role food-sharing plays in building the spirit of our communities. You are invited to spend an evening around the dinner table and inside the life and practice of an internationally acclaimed artist, as they prepare a communal meal. In between moments of formal and informal performance, you become entangled in the very process of creating an artwork. 

Dining Room Tales is driven by the idea that communities who engage with each other often, and with empathy, are healthier communities. It is a practice of humanity and of art, shaped by a sustainability framework. We emphasise slowness and intimacy to cultivate social resilience. Food, performance and storytelling are used to open space for new thinking and relationship between participants. Critical conversations become possible. About who we are as a society, and the future we approach together.. 

We have been developing and deploying this practice around the world since 2011 (some 91 performance events at 37 locations across seven countries), growing understandings of small-community activation, the impact of filtering diverse knowledge inputs into slow social settings, and connecting hyper-local action across global distance. 

Our western district pilot is a signifcant step in embedding A is for Atlas in the western district, and grounding our long-term ambitions for practice in the region. When our international connectivity resumes, we’d love to be welcoming our international collaborators through Melbourne to rural Victoria. 

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your support. 



"A unique contribution to our cultural sector, with lasting impacts on the communities it engages." - Adriano Cortese, Seoul Marginal Theatre Festival/Ranters Theatre

"Suffused with hospitality at every level" - Cameron Woodhead, The Age 

"5 Stars" - Artshub

"The antidote to fear and misinformation and hatred." - Alison Croggon, ABC Arts 

"Nourishment for body and soul." - Weekend Notes 

"Just wonderful. No other words needed. Go." - Audience member

"Top quality socially engaged creative practice." - Jill Morgan AM, Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria


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