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A is for Atlas Gift Fund - General Appeal


We're in lock-down until we can safely assemble our intimate audiences in shared space, time and breath. 
We can't invite you to the dinner table right now, but we can keep developing our works to be ready for you when the time comes. 
In the meantime we have no income. Please help us to the other side.

Melbourne's A is for Atlas makes contemporary performance. Our artists travel the globe and the corners of creative practice to deliver new experiments in performance making. Our work traverses multi-form practice collaborations, community development practice, collaborative cross-cultural practice and collaborations between arts and non-arts disciplines. 

Our much loved Dining Room Tales is a social art practice and body of work conceived and directed by Xan Colman, deploying food, storytelling and performance to bring people together in creative actions of social resilience. Audiences are invited to spend an evening together around the table, hosted by an intriguing and exceptional artist. This host artist invites you into pieces of their life, culture, practice and heritage. They prepare live for you a communal meal to share in between moments of formal and informal performance. Along the way, the audience is entangled in the very process of creating an artwork.

​What we do is, first and last, about people. The fundamental role of the artist is to crack silos and draw the people inside them together. Artists are uniquely able to play the bridge, the hummingbird, the bee, ensuring that in between spaces are places of productive interrelation.

In the past five years we have shared our work with communities across Melbourne, as well as in Fairhaven, Avoca, Perth, Sydney, Liverpool, London, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Hong Kong, Helsinki, Osaka, Yokohama and Frankfurt am Main.

COVID-19 has buried our 2020 in ice. Projects in Portugal, Japan, Norway and Australia indefinitely postponed. With performance activity presenty impossible, we've keeping ourselves warm with creative development, readying ourselves to welcome audiences at the first opportunity. Please help us to ride out the pandemic.

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your support. 

More information about the company and its work can be found at

Thank you for your support of A is for Atlas.


"the antidote to fear and misinformation and hatred" - ABC Arts

"Just wonderful. No other words needed. Go." - Audience member

"suffused with hospitality at every level" - The Age

"Utterly extraordinary" - Audience member

"5 Stars" - Artshub


"one of the nation's most uncompromising independent performance making ensembles" - Brett Sheehy, Artistic Director, Melbourne Theatre Company

"profound theatrical intelligence" - The Age

"guided by well-developed strategic thinking and approaches, sound methodology and pragmatism" - Teresa Zolnierkiewcz, Head of Philanthropy, ANZ Global Wealth


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