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Alcohol and Drug Foundation

Alcohol and Drug Foundation

We know Australia has a long way to go when it comes to building a healthier culture around alcohol and drugs.

Every day, the Alcohol and Drug Foundation (ADF) helps communities work together to prevent and reduce alcohol and other drug harms. By working together, we can increase protective factors in our communities through:

  • Strong Community- building local community capacity to reduce alcohol and other drug harms, at a local level;
  • Awareness-increasing population level awareness of healthy alcohol and other drug behaviour and the role of harm prevention;
  • Influence-influencing policy, regulation and funding decisions that prevent alcohol and drug harm.

The ADF is one of the few Australian not for profit organisations engaged in preventative health.

Primary prevention is the best way to improve rates of harm from alcohol and other drugs. We believe the best way to protect children from developing alcohol and other drug problems in their teenage years and later in life is to embed healthy attitudes early on. As with everything we do, this is supported by evidence.

We focus on reaching communities supporting children from early childhood and throughout the teenage years, particularly those at risk. We partner with others to improve the protective factors or social determinants that put families at risk generation after generation.

 "Imagine a future where our limited health funding is spent on life-saving cures and prevention strategies, rather than dealing with the havoc wreaked by excessive drinking and drug taking.

A future where people freely socialise at family-friendly events, where women walk home safely and parents with teenagers sleep soundly at night." John Rogerson, Alcohol Drug Foundation CEO

The ADF's footprint extends across metropolitan, regional, rural and remote Australia in every state and territory, impacting upon the lives of millions of people each year.

Your donation will be used to develop a healthier Australian culture around alcohol and drug use and their harms by supporting our key programs including our Local Drug Action Teams (LDAT), Community Drug Action Teams (CDAT); Breaking the Ice; Good Sports and Drug Infoline.

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