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Help keep our Clinic doors open! 

In 2021, the Animal Law Institute achieved a major goal: We opened Australia’s first ever Anti-Puppy Farm Legal Clinic

This service is dedicated to helping families seek justice against dodgy breeders of dogs, cats, and other domestic pets. 

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we have witnessed an increase in the number of people buying companion animals, particularly during periods of lockdown. With this rising demand in mind, breeders are charging exorbitant prices to make a quick profit and will do so even at the expense of an animal’s health. Puppy farms use animals as breeding machines, giving no regard to the health and wellbeing of animals or their offspring.

Too often, we see families left devastated when they bring home a pet only to find out their new dog or cat is actually extremely sick, and urgently needs to see a vet. More tragically, some of these families have even had to say their final goodbyes to their animals who just can’t survive these illnesses. 

That’s where the Animal Law Institute comes in. 

We’re here to combat the puppy farming industry by helping pet owners understand their rights under the Australian Consumer Law in relation to their sick pets. This preliminary legal advice is provided free to the public. 

It is absolutely vital that our Clinic is allowed to continue this work in order to fight the spread of puppy farming. 

We urgently need your help!

The Anti-Puppy Farm Legal Clinic is going to completely run out of funding at the end of December 2021. We are facing the very real threat of closing our Clinic doors completely at this point, unless we can find the funds to stay open. 

Please consider becoming an Animal Law Institute supporter today. With your help, we can continue to fight the puppy farming industry in 2022 and seek justice on behalf of these sick animals. 


The Animal Law Institute is a non-profit community legal centre dedicated to protecting animals and advocating for their interests through the Australian legal system. The Anti-Puppy Farm Legal Clinic is generously supported by the Victorian Government in 2021. 


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