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The Animal Law Institute

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The suffering and exploitation of millions of animals in Australia is legal and happens every day because of cruel, inadequate and inconsistent laws. We fight to change this.

The Animal Law Institute's mission is to protect animals through the Australian legal system. We aim to empower advocates and challenge the way our laws treat animals by:

  • giving free legal advice
  • representing animals and their advocates in court;
  • lobbying for compassionate laws; and
  • providing legal education.

Founded in 2014, we are an independent community legal centre and a member of the National Association of Community Legal Centres and Victorian Federation of Community Legal Centres. We receive no government funding and rely purely on the support of generous individuals.

Our reputation is built on our unwavering commitment to bringing about real and lasting legal change for animals.

We have represented some of Australia's leading animal protection organisations and advocates in ground breaking legal action to defend a range of vulnerable animals, including dolphins in captivity and puppies from breeding facilities. We have also given hundreds of hours of free legal advice to animal advocates to help them protect animals from harm. 

When we are not in court fighting for the animals, we are giving them a voice through innovative events such as our national Animal Law Week and annual animal law moot (ANIMAL). Our events educate legal professionals and the community about the plight of animals in Australia and inspire and enable more people to challenge the way our legal system allows animals to be treated.

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How will your donation help?

Our volunteer lawyers strive to give animals and their advocates a strong voice in the legal system.

As we are an entirely volunteer-based organisation with no staff, we are limited in the number of cases we can take on. Through your support we will hire a lawyer so that we can take on more cases and initiate more legal proceedings that will drive positive change for animals in Australia.

Our mission is to create a just world for animals. We thank you for supporting us to fight for this just world.

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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.