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Althea Projects Incorporated

Althea's Angels - Supporting Wee Care Residential


Be part of a local organisation that has been helping thousands of NQ families over the last 40 years by becoming an Althea Projects Inc. partner.
Since April 1 - September 2014, Althea Projects had 757 admissions into the service and provided local care, assistance and support to 295 individual children and their families.
For the first time, we are empowering our local community to not only become involved and help our everyday, hardworking families in our community; but we are also putting Althea Projects Inc. forward to reach everyday people in places where they work, live and play. The reason: to raise much needed funds so that Althea's 40 year service, which has been provided to the local NQ community and helped so many families and their children, can continue well into the future.
Althea Projects Inc. no longer can rely upon sole Government funding to deliver these imperative family support services which include the provision of emergency and respite accommodation for children aged 0 - 11 years which is delivered through Althea Projects Inc.'s Wee Care Residential Service arm.
That is why we need you, Althea's Angels, to keep our local families strong, connected and protected.

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