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Aminata Maternal Foundation Limited

Aminata Maternal Foundation

The Aminata Maternal Foundation is a not for profit organisation NEWLY established in Australia and aims to develop, facilitate, advocate and fund sustainable community-based health, education and aid resources to support mothers, newborn babies and pregnant women in Sierra Leone.

The Aminata Maternal Foundation seeks to positively influence change in policies, practices and programs that affect infant and maternal outcomes in Sierra Leone guided by the following principles of engagement and self-management:

  • community inclusion
  • empowerment
  • sustainability
  • equity
  • transparency

We are currently supporting vulnerable young teenage mothers through the remarkable work of the Aberdeen Women's Centre (AWC) in Freetown, Sierra Leone.  Since the Ebola crisis of 2014, there has been a significant rise in the number of young girls presenting to the AWC and in need of critical maternal care.

The DREAM TEAM program is specifically designed to empower and educate vulnerable young mothers and their children. The Clinic's multidisciplinary team facilitates the program and encourages a holistic approach to care. This includes midwives, nurses, counsellor and a welfare officer.

Our Partner organisations

To extend funding for these services, the Aminata Maternal Foundation is partnering locally with the indigo foundation.

Freedom From Fistula Foundation (Scotland) runs the Aberdeen Women's Clinic front-line services, including the Dream Team, in Sierra Leone.


Donations over $2 to the indigo foundation Relief Fund (overseas projects), a tax deductible gift recipient, are tax deductible for Australian taxation purposes

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