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As many of you know, Anam Cara House Geelong is a community Hospice providing both overnight and day palliative respite and End of Life care. Anam Cara provides a home like environment to care for people with a life limiting illness. The Day Hospice program allows our guests time away from the ‘sick’ role where their time at Anam Cara is about them not their illness; carers are able to have time away from the carer’s role allowing them to catch up with friends, shopping or just rest.

Overnight palliative respite allows carers a chance to have an extended break, for some the joy of having an uninterrupted sleep can bring tears. Being a carer is a full time job that doesn’t come with designated hours, sick or annual leave. Anam Cara provides End of Life care for those who don’t want to die in a hospital setting or are unable to stay at home for their last days. These services rely on donations from the local community.

Lisa has a congenital heart condition that is life limiting, she also happens to be a single mum of 2 teenage boys. As you can imagine having 2 teenage boys by itself can make for a very busy life, throw in a heart condition that restricts every aspect of your life and you can begin to understand why attending Anam Cara for some “restoration” time is so vital. Lisa has managed to defy the odds during her life – she survived childhood, survived early adulthood, survived not one but two pregnancies and is now plans to “live not just be alive”.

Lisa attends Anam Cara monthly for planned respite for a week, this break from home allows her to rest, recuperate and build up her strength for when she returns home. Prior to accessing Anam Cara’s services, Lisa would struggle on at home until she was hospitalised for a few weeks, this cycle repeated itself over and over.

As a community Hospice Anam Cara needs the support of the Greater Geelong Community to be able to continue assisting people with life limiting illness just like one of our guests ‘Lisa’, enabling her to have some care so she can continue to care for her 2 boys. Lisa understands that her condition will eventually end her life but before that happens she needs the respite care Anam Cara can provide and then hopefully Anam Cara will have the privilege of providing Lisa’s End of Life care.

Lisa’s story is one that can be repeated but with a different age and illness, Anam Cara cares for people from their thirties to their nineties and everyone in between. The range of life limiting illness includes MND, MS, Cancer, Parkinson’s, neurological, cardiac, renal and Dementia.

 “The Comfort they give me, the love and care is real and goes over and above their duties of work, every time I go home everyone notices the difference in me, they see how relaxed and restored I am. I always look forward to my respite stay as I know I will have rest, peace, laugh and especially love from all the staff and volunteers”  Quoted by our guest ‘Lisa’ .

Geelong needs an Anam Cara House. We need your help to continue to provide these critical community services and to fund the future of The New Anam Cara, so please give generously during our 2019 Annual Giving Appeal on the enclosed form.

Thank you for helping us to make a real difference to people in our community and for your continued support.



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