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Anam Cara House Geelong

Annual Giving Appeal 2018


"Never underestimate the difference you can make for someone facing a life limiting illness"

By continuing your support for our 3rd Annual giving appeal, donors will play a significant part in making a difference to people with life limiting illness/ conditions and allowing them a choice of whether they die in hospital or a home-like environment. Anam Cara House Geelong is the only service of its kind in Geelong and surrounding areas, it is staffed by highly skilled and experienced nurses who practice person centred care and optimal palliative care; and also has access to medical practitioners 24/7.

Anam Cara House Geelong will be receiving a State Government grant to provide two facets of care, it does not cover any part of our out of home overnight palliative respite and end of life care.

The funding has been granted to provide an increase in the day respite component of our services and to formalise and expand a new service. The new service will provide an assessment and referral service for patients and carers.

 Our overnight out of home palliative respite and end of life care is not part of the services funded by the grant and as such we cannot use any of the grant monies to support this vital facet of our palliative care and end of life services. To continue this much needed service to those who wish to die in a homelike environment we are totally reliant on donations, your donation monies will be directed to this part of our service enabling us to provide more nights of care.

Thank you for your support. Please visit our website for further info on what we do... "Together nothing is impossible"...


Help Anam Cara House Geelong to reach their goal of $50,000

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