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Research tells us three in four Australians report at least one potentially traumatic event in their lives; but most report two or more!

The unexpected death of a loved one (35% of pop.), witnessing someone being badly injured or killed (27%), or a life-threatening car accident (13%) being reported most often.

The community cost of violent crime is huge, but it's the human cost of trauma caused by violence that we can impact.

While extreme and prolonged trauma can cost lives, relationships and livelihoods when we look at the economics of trauma, the typical or average cost to the community has been conservatively estimated at $122,000 per person. 

How will the funds be used?

angelhands helps people recover from extreme trauma by providing specialised long-term post crisis trauma recovery programs after experiences such as domestic violence, sexual assault, abuse, sudden death (e.g. murder), assault, glassing, home invasion, culpable driving, extreme bullying or violence.

The angelhands campaigns have two aims:
1 to raise awareness of angelhands and the work that it does with people on their Journey to Recovery from extreme trauma; and 
2. to raise much need funds to support our Trauma Recovery Angel (TRA) program. This program is the heart and soul of what angelhands does.

We generally select our Trauma Recovery Angels from final year and masters level university students studying psychology, social work or counselling who work craddled in the wings of our professional angels.

To train and retain each Trauma Recovery Angel costs almost $10,000 per annum.

So the more we raise the more Trauma Recovery Angels we can train to serve at the heart of trauma recovery.


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