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Research tells us three in four Australians report at least one potentially traumatic event in their lives; but most report two or more!


The unexpected death of a loved one (35% of pop.), witnessing someone being badly injured or killed (27%), or a life-threatening car accident (13%) being reported most often.


The community cost of violent crime is huge, but it's the human cost of trauma caused by violence that we can impact. 
While extreme and prolonged trauma can cost lives, relationships and livelihoods when we look at the economics of trauma, the typical or average cost to the community has been conservatively estimated at $122,000 per person.


How will the funds be used?

angelhands helps people recover from extreme trauma by providing specialised long-term post crisis trauma recovery programs after experiences such as domestic violence, sexual assault, abuse, sudden death (e.g. murder), assault, glassing, home invasion, culpable driving, extreme bullying or violence.


Currently, angelhands recovers 30-40 people each year; last count seeing more that 350 people per year. This relieves a huge burden of misery for the individuals which is simply the right thing to do! However, in economic terms this is a typical cost saving to the community of $60,000 each - this equates to a saving of more than ~$2m.


Current demand outstrips our capacity by 10:1 but we CAN DO THIS with you and other people each giving a little.



Partnering with angelhands will give you the satisfaction of giving and helping men, women and children in your community and along with the opportunity for public acknowledgement.

Along with carrying out a good deed there is an opportunity to be eligible for tax deduction because of a charitable gift recipient status. So please, become our partner and contribute now.



Key Areas of Expenditure

  • Office overheads - all donations help, even a few dollars.
  • Media training - $50 per victims of crime to receive training.
  • Special Events - $50 would provide financial aid to buy speakers, catering services etc.
  • Peers Support - $300 would provide 1 year peer support for 1 victim of crime.
  • Retreat Venue - $1650 would enable us to hold 1 retreat in 1 venue.

Contact Details

PO BOX 359

Are donations tax deductible?


Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.

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