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Angelman Syndrome Research & Support

Angelman Syndrome Association of WA

To foster & support scientific research on the diagnosis, treatment, management and prevention of Angelman Syndrome including the study of genetic imprinting, hypopigmentation, craniofacial and neuro-anatomic associations, epilepsy, appropriate drug therapy, hyperactivity, sleep disorders, family stress, coping mechanisms and communication options for non-verbal people.

To gather and disseminate information about Angelman Syndrome and related matters for the benefit of families of people with Angelman Syndrome and other interested health professionals, organisations and individuals.

To educate the families of people with Angelman Syndrome, the medical and educational communities, interested organisations and individuals, and the general public about the diagnosis, treatment and management of Angelman Syndrome.

To raise funds for the promotion and attainment of the above objectives.

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