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Colour Them Safe

Art for wellbeing

Colour Them Safe is Melbourne based health promoting organisation. 
We use art to improve the wellbeing of young people with mental health challenges.

Our work is supported by a colourful community of volunteers, partner organisations and inspiring young people with lived experience. However we are in need of urgent funds to cover the cost of key roles and to continue developing and delivering life changing art experiences for at-risk young people.

Alarmingly in Australia, over one-third of deaths in 15-24 year olds are due to suicide (ABS, 2020). 

A key insight from a review of our local mental health sector found that ‘there are few options between primary and crisis care’ due to long wait times, high cost and low availability of community and group-based care (NWMPHN, Blueprint for Better Health, 2020).

We are working to change by providing: weekly studios in Brunswick - the opportunity for young people to try relaxing art making, share a home cooked meal and meet people in a laid back space; and online programs - the opportunity for isolated young people to receive art supplies, meet people and explore art for wellbeing in the comfort of their own space.

We believe, the path to wellbeing is a creative journey that we take togehter and we hope that you will join us.

Much gratitude + good vibes,
Colour Them Safe

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