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Assisi Aid Projects

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Assisi Aid Projects is an Australian-based humanitarian organisation that works with in-country partners on projects that aim to break the cycle of poverty. We use the Self-Help Group model to create sustainable projects that educate and empower communities. Our main areas of focus are community economic development, women's empowerment and education.

How will the funds be used?

Assisi currently has projects in India and Cambodia. Donors can direct their funds to a specific country, or allow us to allocate their donation to where it is most needed. Assisi has base-accreditation with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), so our projects are all co-funded by the Australian Government and also comply with DFAT's rigorous reporting requirements.

Cambodia: In Cambodia we are working with our partner Live & Learn Cambodia, to set up community-led Self Help Groups. The Self Help Group model, presents a vehicle for social and personal development within each village including awareness raising activities on topics such as literacy, education, family planning, health, sanitation, livelihood options and environmental awareness. A key function of the Groups is the establishment of a 'Savings Club' in which community members pool their savings. The funds can then be drawn upon by members as small 'loans' to establish community-based micro-enterprises.

India: Our work in India dates back to 1974, when Sister Stella began Assisi Farm & Training Centre in Tamil Nadu. We continue to support Sister Stella and her vision to alleviate suffering and create equal opportunity. Assisi continues to work with rural women and children, to support access to basic education and improve health and livelihoods.

Our Children's Program has established a network of 20 Tuition Classes, where each evening, 655 children across 20 villages attend after school classes, to improve skills in not only reading and writing, but also life skills, environmental education, hygiene, personal development, child rights, gender equality and leadership skills.

Our Single Women's project supports the set up of Self-Help Groups in rural villages, and provides training to disadvantaged women in livelihood skills, financial literacy, and access to micro credit loans to enable widows and other single mothers, to earn an income to support their family.

Key Areas of Expenditure

Assisi has 40 years of experience in using the Self-Help Group model to achieve development goals and we continue to use this approach today. We focus on projects that have measurable effect and achieve multiple benefits, working towards community economic development, empowerment of women and children and with sustainability at their core, so that communities do not become reliant on our support. For more information on Assisi see:

We ensure that our administration and overheads are kept as low as possible so that your donations can reach the people who need it most.

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