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Donate to build political will for climate solutions and a liveable world

Breaking NEWS: Given several important elections internationally, and lots of fresh thinking and talk of a carbon price globally, CCL Australia team members squeezed in one more trip to Canberra this year and will aim to do so again in 2020. This extra travel is outside of our usual schedule and budget - will you donate to cover the costs of our timely advocacy for accelerating climate solutions through a new carbon price?

About CCL Australia
Citizens' Climate Lobby (CCL) was formed to create and build the political will for a liveable world. CCL Australia is an all-Australian, volunteer-led not-for-profit, non-partisan advocacy organisation focused on the task of convincing all Australian parliaments to advance policies that accelerate large-scale solutions to solve climate change.

  • We are non-partisan and inclusive, working with individuals from diverse backgrounds and across the political spectrum.
  • We encourage a citizen-led approach, providing our volunteers with powerful tools and training.
  • We build a broad base of support for climate solutions in the community 
  • We support Members of Parliament to work towards effective timely policies that can accelerate solutions.

How you can help

Give $25 to help us pay for a venue or AV hire, or 1 year of training for our non-partisan CCL volunteers. CCL trains our volunteers in a very ‘tried and true’ democracy-building methodology that is informative, respectful and relationship-based, and which MPs tell us works.

Give $10-$30 each month. A regular donation to CCL Australia goes a very long way. This is because we now have wonderful volunteers in 130 out of 150 electorates Australia-wide, not only in the major cities, and we are growing.

We are here for the long term to work on effective and lasting solutions to climate change. Never before has the engagement of everyday Australians working towards effective multi-party climate policy been more urgent.

Thank you! Your help is invaluable. You can contact us at You are welcome to donate via direct deposit - our account details are here


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Citizens' Climate Lobby 19 Bella Vista Street (Sydney)


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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.