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Accelerate Climate Solutions Australia

Climate solutions are already available and underway.

Now, an effective way to address the barriers to accelerating their adoption is needed. 

To do this, CCL volunteers bridge divides, connect, cooperate and meet our MPs where they are on climate, together. 

Here’s what we’re doing to accelerate climate solutions:

  • Citizens' Climate Lobby trains and supports volunteers and young people to meet with their MPs and work constructively on accelerating climate solutions that will start to rebalance the climate. Read more at 


  • We are rebuilding genuine and robust bi-partisan support for accelerating climate solutions - with all sides of politics.


  • We are ambitious - we ask for a simple, transparent explicit carbon price that will be popular, long lasting and will use the market to do the heavy lifting. This is a solution that will allow every household to be paid to play a part in transforming our economy, and the global economy, to the zero-carbon economy of the future. 


Our volunteers have already made a great start and met with over 70 MPs.

Now we want to meet with every MP.

This will ensure that all MPs hear support and encouragement to accelerate the climate solutions needed for a liveable world. 

Your donation to CCL Australia makes you a vital part of this exciting nonpartisan grassroots transformation in Australian climate politics. We are entirely volunteer-led and run so your donation goes a very long way! And, naturally, your donation stays in Australia. Thank you! 

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