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Human ingenuity and fossil fuels have built an amazing civilisation.

But it now endangers humankind and the natural systems that sustain us, especially the climate system.

We have all the technical skills, knowledge and finance we need to correct the global economy, rebalance our climate system and even to regenerate earth’s natural systems.

But there’s a problem - in Australia, our social and political systems are not as fit for purpose as our scientific and engineering skills.

And our competitive and individualistic society fails to encourage our natural ability to bridge divides, connect, cooperate and meet our challenges together. 

So, here’s what we’re doing about it.

  • Citizens' Climate Lobby trains and supports volunteer citizens to meet with their MPs and work constructively on climate solutions that will rebalance our climate system. 
  • We are rebuilding bi-partisan support - with all sides of politics - for a simple, transparent explicit carbon price that will be popular, long lasting and will use the market to do the heavy lifting that will transform our entire economy (and eventually the global economy) to zero-carbon. 

Our volunteer citizens have already made a great start. Now we are moving to being fully-funded with staff and resources so that we can support all our MPs to adopt and accelerate the climate solutions needed for a liveable world. 

We are setting up a tax-deductible funding program and need $30,000 to complete our funding plan and get our first staff member appointed. 

Please help us and be part of making this important transition so that our volunteers can keep up their amazing transformative work with our MPs.

Supporting the Climate Solutions Australia campaign with Citizens Climate Lobby Australia will also give you an invitation to join one of our video discussion sessions.

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