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Your support will help transform lives and work towards a future where there is no education gap. A future where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians participate at the highest levels of business, academia and government. Your gift will help fund direct education programs for more than 1,000 Indigenous students and scholars, and educational resources for almost 20,000.

As a registered charity with deductible gift recipient status, your donation to Aurora is 100% tax-deductible and provides necessary funding to help run our programs.



Aurora’s programs engage and support Indigenous students to build the academic skills needed to reach their career goals, whether this is by graduating from high school with the foundational skills necessary to run their own small business, or by attending TAFE or university, or even completing a doctorate at Harvard University. At Aurora, we believe that engaging Indigenous students in education is the way to create deep, lasting change.

Aurora delivers a suite of interrelated programs that walk with Indigenous students through each stage of their educational development, supporting them to obtain the skills and qualifications to join the professional workforce. 



  • High School Program - Provides intensive academic support from Year 8 to the first year out of school, building students' confidence, resilience and aspirations. 


  • Indigenous Scholarships Portal - Connects students to scholarships and simplfiies the application process, so more students can access financial aid. 


  • Internship Program - Creates vital career exposure throuhg 4-6 week full time internships, whilst supporting Indigenous and Indigineous sector organisations. 


  • International Scholarships - Provides postgraduate opportunities at world leading universities through Charlie Perkins and Roberta Sykes Scholarships and Executive Education Bursaries. The Study Tour takes high performing students to visit these universities.


  • Outreach Program - Connects Indigenous Scholars with high school students to see what is possible and build aspirations.


THANK YOU! - Your support really makes a difference. 



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