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Australians Advancing Oral Health in Vanuatu Incorporated

Oral Health for Developing Countries


People all over the world need their teeth. However, people in developing countries have very little access to dental care. We volunteer in Vanuatu to bring oral health care to the population. When the average yearly income is $1300 and with only six public health dentists in the country, we help bring a smile to thousands of children and adults who would not otherwise receive care.

What we do.

  • promote  healthy mouth, healthy body education to a population who are eager to increase their oral health knowledge.
  • demonstrate individual and group toothbrushing demonstrations
  • conduct dental examinations and  treatment for urban and remote populations concentrating on children and adolescents.
  • send donated medical and dental equipment to underfunded hospitals and clinics.
  • conduct research to help find the risk factors for the population's high rate of gum disease which has led to a high rate of tooth loss.
  • identify and assist with referral pathways for children diagnosed with  tongue tie and cleft palate conditions.

What you can do.

  • $10 assists in transporting donated equipment.
  • $30 provides special feedng bottles to cleft palate babies.
  • $50 pays for bamboo toothbrushes for a classroom of children in a remote school.
  • $75 assists team travel to remote islands that have never had dental treatment before.
  • $200 purchases dental items and material used to prevent dental disease.
  • $1000 pays for the flights of volunteer dental professionals to provide specialist services.

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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.