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Australian Scholarships Foundation

Australian Scholarships Foundation, General Appeal

$4,108 raised so far

$4,108 raised so far

About ASF:

ASF provides scholarships for education and training to staff and directors of Australian not-for-profit (NFP) organisations.


Why are we collecting funds?

Your contribution to ASF will help to ensure that we continue to strengthen the NFP sector through training and education opportunities. Over 2,700 NFP organisations and 4,000 NFP leaders have benefitted from an ASF scholarship since 2008.


The Need for ASF:

The Productivity Commission reviewed the Australian not-for-profit (NFP) sector and identified the lack of key competencies as a major obstacle for its long-term viability. Its seminal report in 2010 recommends increasing the scale and quality of governance, leadership, and management capacity of not-for-profit organisations (NFPs) so they can sustain and maximise their contribution to society. Many NFPs simply do not have the capacity to fund professional education and development for their people. Yet with deepening constraints on funding, the changes in the regulatory environment and the misguided expectations from funders and the public to not invest in "administration costs", NFPs are in need of access to education and training more than ever before.

ASF is the only organisation in Australia solely dedicated to providing access to education and training for leaders in the NFP sector.


What ASF Does to Help:

ASF provides scholarships to NFPs to a range of courses (executive education, post graduate courses and specialised courses) available at universities and private education providers around Australia. Since its inception, ASF has awarded over 4,000 scholarships to people working in NFPs with a market value of over $11m. ASF is a small organisation, with only two staff members, an active board and a growing number of volunteers. ASF deliberately works as a "near-virtual" organisation with a lean operating infrastructure. It relies heavily on its unique IT platform to process thousands of applications every year. ASF collaborates with our education partners to offer co-funded scholarship opportunities which results in a highly leveraged model for funders. For every $1 donated, $5 value in scholarships is realised. ASF is the only organisation in Australia solely dedicated to providing access to education and training for leaders in the NFP sector.

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