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Australians for Animals Inc. has been working for koalas since the 1990's when we commissioned a small group of researchers, lawyers and scientists to prepare a submission to the US government to have the Koala listed as Threatened under the US Endangered Species Act.   The charity was successful in obtaining the listing, a wonderful result after a three year effort.  It was the first time an Australian group has succeeded in listing an Australian animal.  At the time, this listing provided a global indicator to governments that the species must be protected.

In 2019, we're witnessing the policies of extinction adopted by the Federal, NSW and Queensland governments.  These anti environmental governments refuse to pass legislation to protect remaining habitat.   Koalas are dying on a daily basis as a result of wholesale clearing of their habitat, coastal forests, for urbanisation, mining, highways, infrastructure, deforestation.   Highways result in major mortality as the governments do not insist of proper overpasses and underpasses.    Koalas are faithful to their home ranges and when their trees are clear felled, many koalas die from stress, dog attacks, and vehicle strikes.   There is no protection for their precious cubs.

Entire ecosystems are being destroyed as the koala is an indicator species of native forests which are home to a significant suite of forest dependent creatures. 

Funds raised are being used to lobby politicians, to fund legal advices, to travel between states for meetings, for submissions, and research projects, advertisements, and polls.   Australians for Animals Inc. runs a highly successful Facebook Koala Crisis page which last year attracted almost 3 million hits.   The charity is working tirelessly to raise awareness, to educate the public and to identify any legal challenge that can prevent these dreadful governments from driving koalas to extinction. 

There has never been a more critical moment for koalas.   No population estimates have been undertaken for many years because governments KNOW that their policies are wiping out koalas.  Climate change impacts are ignored.   Please help us spread the word.  

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