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Australians Investing in Women

Empowering giving for a fairer future

Thank you for supporting Australians Investing in Women. Your donation will make a real difference to empowering giving for a fairer future.

Who we are

Australians Investing in Women advocates for, promotes, and facilitates gender-wise philanthropy.

AIIW encourages all Australians – particularly philanthropic, corporate, and community leaders – to apply a gender-lens to their giving and increase investment in women and girls, to help create a fairer and more inclusive society.

What we do

AIIW works to help strengthen society and advance gender equality by increasing investment in women and girls.

AIIW promotes the benefits of investing in programs that combat the existing economic and social disadvantage of women and girls, both in Australia and globally.

AIIW works with Australians, including philanthropic, corporate and community leaders, to embed gender-wise practices in their giving programs, and connects funders to projects that benefit women and girls across a range of social issues, locally and internationally. 

Why we exist

Everyone benefits from gender equality. 

Strengthening investment in women and girls helps create gender equality, and a fairer world for all.

Australians want to invest with impact, passion and knowledge – and that includes giving with a strategic focus on women and girls.

Investing in women and girls has a proven multiplier effect, with benefits flowing to family and community, and women are often key to leading social change. Investing in women and girls can accelerate progress on a range of social issues.

AIIW encourages, educates, and enables individuals, businesses, and not-for-profit organisations, to consistently apply a gender-lens to their philanthropy and empower their giving for a fairer future.

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