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AWESOME Arts Australia Ltd

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The AWESOME International Arts Festival for Bright Young Things is held every November in the Perth CBD and presents an extraordinary array of unusual, thought-provoking and engaging contemporary arts experiences for young people (6-16 year olds) and their families.

The AWESOME Festival is renowned both nationally and internationally for the quality and breadth of is its program and its capacity to engage with young Western Australians

AWESOME-for-All Donor Program

In 2006 the AWESOME-for-All donor program was developed to assist organisations who work with young people disadvantaged physically, economically, culturally or geographically, to participate in the annual AWESOME Festival and its workshops.

Since its inception AWESOME-for-All has touched the lives of more than 800 young people. The program, runs entirely upon support from donors and to this end we are seeking your support….

Festival experiences

We believe it's important to reach the broadest audience possible with quality arts experiences at our Festival. The AWESOME Festival enlivens the city, turning the shopping and business precincts into a space to play, where conventions are entertainingly overturned. AWESOME Festival stimulates communities to connect and communicate, triggered by provocative, shared experiences.

The AWESOME-for-All project will address the following;

  • provide an inclusive stance with accessibility to all young people;
  • introduce disadvantaged young people to an arts learning and community environment;
  • allow the young people to experiment creatively in a secure, interesting and challenging environment.

The AWESOME-for-All Program targets young Western Australians who are physically, geographically, economically, socially and/or culturally disadvantaged. We aim to reach those who have not been able to experience the considerable social and educational benefits that the AWESOME Festival provides. The organisations with whom we partner are those providing support to children in care, those who are at risk, those in foster care, seriously ill and hospitalised children, children from culturally, socially and geographically disadvantaged areas and those living with physical and mental disabilities.

This project has a very positive impact, extending from the young person, to the family and to the local community, as it has the potential to increase confidence, pride, creativity, awareness in the arts and engagement in the community. This program gives young people a day out to participate in activities and experiences they may not usually be able to access. Not only will they be inspired creatively they will have opportunities to engage with artists in workshops and potentially develop new networks through activities.

A key objective of AWESOME activities is to promote confidence and mental wellbeing through teamwork and projects with outcomes showcased to the broader community.

Young people are encouraged to value their own creativity as a central force in their lives.

The AWESOME Festival program does not rely on traditional "youth appropriate" content, which frequently condescends to young audiences. Instead, the program includes contemporary art that speaks to a broad audience, is conceptually rich, well presented and challenging.

How will the funds be used?

AWESOME has developed a database of community organisations who are keen to become involved in AWESOME's programs. Working in partnership with each group we are able to establish individual needs to achieve a successful day out and participation program.

Donor funds are used to provide guides for the AWESOME Day Out tours (which are described below), ticket and workshop fees, and gift bags containing AWESOME Program, stickers, pencils and water bottles.

Every $50 dollar donation gives a child an AWESOME day out in a safe secure and fun environment that he/she may not be able to access on a regular basis.

Commitment Number of children participating

  • $50 1
  • $1,000 20
  • $1,500 30
  • $2,000 40
  • $2,500 50
  • $5,000 100

Key areas of expenditure

Funds go towards the participation of young people in the following:

  • a theatre performance or dance performance (depending on performance);
  • A whole day tour schedule is arranged for the group. This will involve them attending:
    • a ticketed event such as theatre or dance performance
    • an AWESOME workshop
    • at least two AWESOME installations/exhibitions

The group is provided with a dedicated AWESOME Angel Tour Guide

< p> All participants receive an AWESOME carry bag

Are donations tax deductible? Yes

Will I receive a receipt for my donation?
Yes, immediately sent to you by email when approved.

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