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The Baird Institute

The Baird Institute


  • Heart disease is the single biggest killer of Australians
  • Women are 3 times more likely to die of heart disease than breast cancer
  • Lung cancer is the largest cause of cancer related deaths in Australia - even non-smokers get lung cancer
  • Heart disease will affect the majority of Australians - if they are not individually affected, then someone they know and love are likely to be affected


The Baird Institute was founded in 2001 and honours the example of the late Professor Douglas Baird AM.  Doug was a gifted cardiothoracic surgeon who was devoted to his patients and epitomised the ideals of science, surgery, sensitivity and skill.  Doug was committed to ongoing research, believing that surgical outcomes must be continually measured and improved. The Baird Institute and its researchers, from cardiac surgical trainees through to experienced consultants, are working to improve how, when and why they perform surgery


The Baird Institute is the only research group in Australia to focus entirely on clinical & surgical heart and lung conditions. Professor Doug Baird, had a vision to identify problems at the bedside, investigate them in the laboratory and apply the solutions to real people with real problems. Our surgeons do this each and every day. With your support, we will continue to foster, fund and promote cardiothoracic research in medical undergraduates, graduates and our own surgeons. This research will in turn lead to greater public health benefits for the whole community. We receive no government funding. Our research and training relies solely upon donations and bequests. Valuable research into heart and lung disease is being done but little time or money is directed towards improvements in surgical techniques. This is our focus at The Baird Institute.


At The Baird Institute, our focus is on advancing the surgical techniques that improve quality patient care for people facing heart and lung surgery.   The Baird Institute is conducting and assisting research that directly benefits patients in the areas of new materials for heart valves, best practise management in thoracic surgical oncology, surgical techniques, minimally invasive surgery, the use of stents, balloons and patches, drug therapies and finally, patient and family support groups so as to improve perioperative and post-surgery quality of life.

There is a direct correlation between the amount of money donated to heart research and outcomes.  Improvements in the health and care of the heart produce an estimated saving of $8 for every $1 that is invested into cardiovascular research in this country.


  • Funding research fellowships
  • Training of masters students
  • Research programs such as the Aortic Disease group
  • Funding of clinical trials eg. CORONARY - On pump versus off pump Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting- CABG
  • Establishing and maintaining support groups for heart and lung patients and their families
  • Fostering collaborations with other organisations


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One third of all Australians will die of heart disease - with your help, we can turn this around

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