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Bat Conservation & Rescue Qld Inc. is the largest bat specific, volunteer rescue organisation in Queensland. Our membership services a 3000 square kilometre area and we are dedicated to the rescue, care and conservation of all bat species, both mega and micro. Bats suffer terribly from human ignorance and persecution and they have an undeservedly poor public image.

We need your help to procure change and to lobby for better Government protection that will ensure a future for our vital keystone species. So many people view bats as pests but the truth is that we cannot live without them. From tiny microbats that consume their weight in insects every evening to our magnificent megabats that disperse seeds and pollinate our native forests, we need our bats like never before. Flying-foxes suffer greatly through human ignorance, colony persecution, backyard drape netting, barbed wire entrapment, dog attack and electrocution and our volunteers work tirelessly to procure change for our essential forest pollinators.

How will your donation be used?

Your fully tax deductible donation will help us to provide ongoing community education regarding the necessity, beauty and fragility of our unique flying mammals. Donations also help to fund vital medications, fruit, carer equipment and enrichment for our bats in care. We received over 2,200 calls for assistance for bats in trouble during the winter of 2010 and we need ongoing funding to help us with the raising of orphans and the purchase of education material.  With our education animals flying the banner of 'No Me, No Tree', we endeavour to reinforce the message that our intelligent, sentient and vulnerable bats are vital contributors to the ongoing health and longevity of our native forests. As the world's only true flying mammals, bats are amazing, inquisitive, intelligent, even loveable. They may be undervalued and universally misunderstood but without them, Australia's World Heritage forests will cease to exist.

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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.

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