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batyr - Preventative Youth Mental Health Education


Despite 1 in 4 young people suffering a mental health issue by the end of adolescence, mental health issues are not openly discussed and remain the ‘elephant in the room’.

Of every 30 students in Australia, seven will be dealing with a mental health issue, yet only two will reach out for support, leaving five suffering in silence. Sadly, most young people dealing with mental health issues do not reach out for help, largely due to stigma.

batyr is a for purpose preventative mental health organisation, created and driven by young people, for young people. We smash the stigma surrounding mental ill health and empower young people to reach out for support. We help create communities that support young people’s mental health and wellbeing.

batyr has a vision where all young people are engaged in positive conversations about mental health and empowered to reach out for support when needed.

how do we do this by engaging, educating and empowering young people!
Engage by young people talking to young people about mental health and wellbeing.
Educate through the sharing of young people’s lived experience stories.
Empower young people by giving them the knowledge and skills to lead mentally healthy lives.

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