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Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee Inc

Environment Fund to build a web of green for waterways

$16,198 raised so far

$16,198 raised so far

Join with the multi award winning catchment group Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee (B4C) and make a tax deductible donation to support us building a web of green across our suburbs.

Your donation big or small - can help fund a range of community environmental programs and rehabilitation projects, such as:

  • planting trees to protect wildlife such as koalas and squirrel gliders
  • providing trees to local schools or groups, engaging kids with the environment
  • enhancing habitat through revegetation and rehabilitation projects
  • creating Pollinator Links across our suburbs
  • guest speakers at various environmental events
  • research projects and equipment

Bulimba Creek, in Brisbane city, is part of the Queensland's Koala Coast and flows into the Ramsar listed Moreton Bay. The catchment is threatened by housing development, roads, powerlines and railways yet still remains home to around 400 species of animals and over 1000 plant species.

Since 1997 B4C and its members have helped protect 462 ha of urban bushland and we have rehabilitated a further 362 ha of bushland and wetlands. We plant around 20,000 Australian native seedlings per year of which about 60% are propagated in our volunteer run nursery. Among the species benefiting from our work are koalas, gliders, echidnas and wetland birds.

At the Tingalpa Wetlands our restoration has increased number of bird species using the wetlands from 46 to 118. At the Bulimba Creek Oxbow our wetland, salt marsh and mangrove restoration project has rebuilt over 30ha of native habitat which is now providing habitat for birds, mammals and over 35 species of saltwater fish. B4C now owns two Nature Refuge properties - a 120ha buffer zone to the World Heritage Area in the Border Ranges and 80 ha in the Flinders Peak area, as part of our commitment to the wider region. These properties are havens for threatened plants and animals.

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