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Best Friend Fur Ever Rescue

Best Friend Fur Ever Rescue


Best Friend Fur Ever Rescue is a ethical "NO KILL" rescue. We cover areas from the South Coast NSW up to North Queensland.

We have our own property that we can house a limited number of fur babies on. Ones that need extra care or training.

We rescue from pounds only we do not take surrenders however we can assist with finding a suitable home for them.

We are a non profit charity that is focused on retraining, rehabilitating and re homing all breeds of dogs. 
All our kenneled dogs are vet checked, vaccinated, microchipped, desexed, flea/tick and worm treated, and heart worm tested. All dogs are behaviour tested and socialised with other dogs to make sure there is no aggression. 

We also run a foster care program for those that are able to look after one of beautiful rescue dogs until they have a fur ever home to go to. Fostering is a wonderful experience you see how much a dog can change is such a short period of time. Some are timid and shy and then they are full of love and life just from being placed in a family environment where they feel safe.

Another part of our rescue focuses on human education. We like to teach people the importance of desexing animals, training their dogs, nutrition, the importance of vaccinations, worming and regular vet check ups.

We do NOT support the breeding of dogs by anyone not registered to do so, so please do not use this page to promote the sale of puppies and dogs, these posts will be removed immediately. Links to dog's available for adoption can be found here.

We are in NO WAY affiliated with the pounds, nor do we represent these pounds.

All donations are appreciated either in the form of money or food and equipment

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918 Cambridge Crossing Rd
TARA QLD, 4421


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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.