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Best Mates Incorporated

Best Mates Inc


Funds allow us to vaccinate, worm, feed, neuter and perform emergency surgeries on hundreds of animals. All our medications and consumables are sourced at discounts meaning that every cent we raise here is used as efficiently as possible. 

We run a ‘clinic’ out of the Salvation Army Crisis Centre in St Kilda once a month. The people who attend our clinic are currently living tough and are utilising the services of the Salvation Army of Sacred Heart Mission for variety of reasons.

Animals are assessed and treated as needed with a focus on preventative medicine (preventing problems from arising through vaccinations, worming and flea treatment) and the alleviation of pain and discomfort.  

More complex or urgent medical situations are referred to a clinic nearby which is owned by our founder, Dr Jason Rapke. We also provide neutering services to people who cannot afford it.

Neutering (also known as de-sexing) is one of the most efficient ways to improve the welfare of animals in the community – both in preventing unwanted puppies and kittens from being born and through eliminating the disease processes associated with being un-neutered (such as mammary tumors and uterine infections). We also provide emergency cat boarding for owners who suddenly find themselves homeless – this service helps many people who are in desperate need of help, including women fleeing domestic violence situations. 

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.