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Beyond Zero Emissions

Beyond Zero Emissions


Beyond Zero Emissions is a volunteer-powered climate solutions think tank. We’re a community of people with expertise in engineering, science, economics and communications. We donate thousands of hours of our time and show there are real, practical and affordable solutions to climate change that can be implemented today.

The Lord Mayors Charitable Foundation provided us with a generous $35,000 grant for 2018-19 to help us grow and mobilise our national network of volunteers. This funding has helped us employ a volunteer coordinator, but we still need funding to cover our core operating costs.

We need to match this funding by 30 June, can you help?

Here’s what your donation can do:

  • $5 keeps our phone connected for a month so you can call us
  • $20 gives us one month of internet access
  • $92 lets us broadcast two radio shows
  • $300 will cover a month's worth of subscription to business tools like accounting and video conferencing
  • $380 pays for one week's rent - a basic but comfortable place for staff and volunteers to work and collaborate
  • $1,000 would let us buy a new laptop
  • $1,500 allows professional presenter training for our volunteers
    and finally....
  • $6,000 funds a small team of four staff for a week - 100 hours of 100 years combined experience in climate solutions, engineering, science communication, stakeholder engagement, project management, policy and strategy development and office administration.

Many people and organisations generously and regularly give Beyond Zero Emissions financial support, allowing us to deliver projects like Rethinking Cement and Zero Carbon Communities. These generous gifts don’t cover all our costs, and we need your help to keep our community of climate experts together and delivering results.
We made this short video (by a volunteer of course!) to show you why we’re so passionate about Beyond Zero Emissions:

Meet our team!

Please help us deliver climate solutions that inspire hope and action. Donate to Beyond Zero Emissions and be a part of our movement.

Thank you,

Vanessa and the Beyond Zero Emissions team.

PS - Thanks to your support we’ve had great success:

Our pioneering Stationary Energy Plan changed the conversation on renewables in Australia, convincing governments, businesses and communities that 100% renewable electricity was possible

Repowering Port Augusta - a blueprint for replacing coal with solar - galvanised a successful five-year community campaign that resulted in the South Australian Government backing a concentrated solar thermal plant

Renewable Energy Superpower has become the spoken ambition of Australian climate leaders

Our Electric Vehicle report showed Australia could easily and affordably match and even top the UK’s lead on electric vehicles, and was endorsed by the ACT and Queensland Governments

Zero Carbon Communities Guide quickly inspired community confidence and action at the local level

Rethinking Cement - the world’s first report showing how cement can be decarbonised - generated national interest and support across the construction and infrastructure sector within months of its release.

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.