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Bluebird Mental Health

$2,381 raised so far

$2,381 raised so far

You're about to do something amazing!

Our services provide a lifeline for over 25s suffering from anxiety and depression.

With your help we can ensure every person struggling with anxiety and depression gets the support they need before they become another statistic.

Previously known as GenWHY?, Bluebird is the only organisation in WA dedicated to offering support groups facilitated by registered psychologists for over 25's. We offer this service for free to all members, relying solely on donations and grant based funding.

Providing an accessible solution to the rising burden of mental health illnesses on the WA Health System our unique program of support builds the confidence and skills of our members to self-manage their own mental health.

When asked if they would recommend Bluebird a member responded:

"Yes most definitely, because it is an effective form of support. It does not foster lifelong dependence on help or medication. It teaches you to manage yourself, connects you with other like-minded people, aids in keeping a fresh perspective on the nature and role of having depression or anxiety in your life…"


Where your money goes:

As Bluebird is supported and managed by a team of passionate and dedicated volunteers, the donations we receive go directly to delivering our frontline services.

To date we have achieved a great deal with very little, in 2015 your help allowed us to:

  • Support 390 people from 60 postcodes around Perth through 27 psychologist led support groups delivered at our Perth CBD, and Fremantle locations.
  • Respond to 166 new enquiries, almost 1 enquiry every other day.
  • Hold our first ever Mental Health week event - 'Join In'.
  • Deliver a program of workshops which encouraged our members to look holistically at their mental health:
    • Education and Insight with a Staying Mentally Healthy Workshop via our Act Belong Commit partnership.
    • HBF expert workshops on nutrition and exercise.
    • Yoga, with some members feeling comfortable for the first time try it.
    • Practical photography - helping our members to find a new perspective.

To find out more check out our website or email us at

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