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  • Subscribe to our monthly Low Carbon Living Blue Mountains newsletter by making a donation of $25/yr or more at the Give Now link.
  • 85% of subscription funds will crowd fund installation of solar panels for an LCL Blue Mountains school or community organisation in your postcode or one you specify on the donation page where it says:

'Leave a message why this donation is special to you.'

By subscribing, and by using Low Carbon Blue Mountains businesses and organisations who have reduced their carbon footprint you can also reduce your own - helping to protect the beautiful, yet vulnerable environment where you live or love to visit.  

More extreme weather events leading to dangerous and damaging bushfires, droughts and floods will have seriously impact on the ecosystems of the World Heritage area and the quality of life of those living in this region.

Participating organsations and businesses are being:

  • Audited for their energy, water and waste usage
  • Advised to how they can become more efficient in using carbon based resources
  • Assessed as to what they have done
  • Had their carbon reduction calculated 

To find out more about reducing your own carbon costs and footprint, visit the blog and resource section, of this website for information about training programs, and low carbon trades people and businesses, 

The Low Carbon Living project has been developed by the Blue Mountains World Heritage Institute in conjunction with the Cooperative Research Centre for Low Carbon Living, the Blue Mountains City Council, and the National Parks & Wildlife Service. It is anticipated that other regions across the country will adopt this model. If you are interested contact



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